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It is the perfect place for an enjoyable day out or even an extended stay. With cultural and historical sites in the old Medina of Tiznit, to walks in the nature, in the mountains or by the sea – spoilt for choice, what more could you ask for!

"The Silver City"

Tiznit, "The Silver City" is considered the crossroads city linking the Anti-Atlas and Sahara. This city from the Sultan era, built at the end of the 19th century, was designed to control the Saharan routes from Senegal to the port of Essaouira. Between its oasis and its great history, its atmosphere is charged with powerful energies that will make you want to come and visit a surprising city. Thanks to our guides, you can discover all the charms of Tiznit through a selection of new places that are waiting for you to discover.

Aglou Beach

Aglou beach is a small local seaside resort on the Atlantic coast. It represents the maritime extension of the city of Tiznit, 15 kilometres away. Transportation is provided daily by buses and taxis. Known of its famous cave house, these were originally dug into the cliffs by former fishermen. Most of the caves are still equipped today as a base for the fishermen to use during their days out fishing. Aglou is only a short drive away from Tiznit which makes it a perfect venture out of the city and to the sea.

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